Measuring and tracking social KPIs are one of the biggest obstacles facing the leadership of sales organizations today. For some, they recognize that the world of B2B sales and buyer journeys has changed, but without the ability to access and track a new sales approach focusing on social selling, they are hesitant to push for transformation. This is certainly understandable since previous attempts at implementing a social-based selling approach proved difficult to track and manage.

So how can a sales organization measure social sales KPIs?

Track Social Selling KPIs To Establish Value

Measure Social KPIsHow to measure social selling KPIs is a question or concern we frequently hear from our prospective clients during the initial conversations about our technology. Leadership sees the changes happening around them and the continual diminishing returns on the old ways of doing things but just can’t seem to get over the hump. So we give them the ability to see and use data to track and understand all team social selling activities and measure their influence on deals. 

We ensure that all of the relevant data from your team’s social selling efforts are automatically captured and added to CRM via our API, ensuring accuracy and time savings. Your salespeople don’t need to capture data out of LinkedIn and manually add it to your CRM. FunnelAmplified does this for each rep automatically. This means each rep sees their own activity and analytics data, while company leadership can see all of the team data in one place. You can visualize and measure sales rep activities (KPIs) and how that activity is influencing revenue and deals. 

Here are key performance actions FunnellAmplified leads sales reps through on a daily cadence and the data we collect for CRM records. 

Connections / Network Growth

If a salesperson has a small online network or not the right network of prospective customers, their online activity is not as powerful. Sales professionals need to consistently expand their social connections with prospective customers, industry partners, industry influencers, and other champions that can help them meet additional contacts and grow their influence. 

The key KPIs that our “Connect” feature provides for every salesperson on your team.

  • Connection request message and cadence semi-automated. It takes about 10-15 minutes per week for a focused system.
  • Connection requests sent and to who
  • Connections accepted – including name and company
  • Drip cadence automation to go beyond just asking for the connection but sharing insightful information, building rapport, and even asking for a get-to-know each other call.  All automated to save reps time but with a personal feel so recipients don’t feel they are receiving blasts messages. We capture messages and add to CRM as a sales activity to demonstrate activity influence on deal flow. 

Thought Leadership / Content Sharing

Once a sales professional has a system in place to expand their strategic network with prospective customers, the next step is to demonstrate thought leadership and insights that appeal to your ideal customers. This requires daily sharing. We realize that creating, sharing, and publishing content is a challenge for most sales professionals, so our platform has 2 key features that help sales professionals be more consistent with their social publishing and content sharing. 

Marketing Provided Content

The FunnelAmplified platform allows marketing team members and sales support professionals to add strategic content to the platform for your sales team to use. Our solution is more than simple employee advocacy that automates brochure-type information to salespeople’s personal social accounts for daily publishing. This style just doesn’t work because cold company content has no relationship value to their connections. Here is a case study from a sales professional that demonstrates this style’s lack of effectiveness.

Crowdsource Content

Sales professionals like to help each other. Especially when they are part of the same sales team. Our solution provides the ability for salespeople to create or curate content, publish for their own use, and then share it with their team so they can consider using it as well.

EXAMPLE: We have a sales team of 5 people who all commit to creating or curating one article per week and then share it with each other. The result? Each salesperson has a unique, thought leadership piece of content to share with their personal social network five days per week. This is the power of the people supporting each other, through technology that delivers value to the team and their connections! 

Key Thought Leadership and Content Sharing KPI’s

  • Social posts published and shared
  • Quantity of likes
  • Quantity of comments
  • Earned Social Media – capture those who engage with social messages via a click or visit sales professionals’ ContentHub. 
    • Earned social media adds value to your existing tools like SixthSense or other third-party intent tools. The difference with earned social media is we capture first-party intent based on the visitors who actually click and visit to your content pages. 
  • Views -When the team is empowered to share content consistently with their expanding digital and social network, it means more readers, more brand awareness, and a larger share of voice for the entire brand.  We capture views so leadership can see which team members are delivering the most online conversations, with who, and the value it generates to the deal like acceleration and likelihood to close. 
  • We provide data for each individual sales professional and provide collective data across the team. This is especially valuable to track unique content visitors and to know which sales professionals’ social post or ContentHub article generated the visit.  
  • First-Party Intent Data. When a visitor reads an article on a sales professionals’ ContentHub, our platform tracks the visit. With reverse IP technology, we capture the visitor’s company and company data.  This data is shown to each sales professional so they can see who is engaging with their content. We also capture the data and provide it in CRM or other third-party data capture tools of your company’s choice. 

Social Engagement & Communication

Daily social engagement is the social selling equivalent of making phone calls and sending emails. However, it can be done 100’s of times faster and with 100’s more prospects. It is a very powerful touchpoint that moves the needle toward building relationships with prospective customers. Daily engagement with a strategic focus is key to social selling activity success, so we track and measure the data on these metrics for you. 

The FunnelAmplified platform leads sales professionals through a daily and weekly cadence to make sure they are engaging with their right prospects, on a consistent basis and using social engagement interactions to help move the deal into personal conversation stages like phone calls, zoom calls and even demos. 

Social Engagement KPIs

Here are the KPIs that we capture surrounding social engagement and communication. Of course, the data is automated to be delivered into the company CRM within each contact record. Sales professionals should not be spending unnecessary time adding repetitive data into a CRM when they can use that time for more sales and relationship-building actions.

  • Social engagement performed
  • The contact or prospect for whom the engagement was performed
  • Daily summaries of engagement – sales professional and prospective company
  • Daily and weekly schedules ensure the sales team is consistent. Consistency is important to expedite and accelerate deal flow. 

When you understand the ability to capture and use Social KPIs for data-driven activities and the ability to make informed decisions, social selling technology, and social sales training, it becomes far more attractive and less risky for nervous sales leaders to beta test. 

FunnelAmplified delivers 2 key services for sales teams. 

  1. Provide a best-in-class technology that equips the sales team to perform daily social communication and prospecting activities, empower the marketing to support them efficiently with content that sales needs, and most importantly, provide data that demonstrates sales activity is being completed, measured, and added to CRM for one central source of truth. 
  2. Training.  Social selling is new to many and we understand that. To do social sales effectively, technology is not enough. In today’s fast-paced, busy world and the new challenges of so many working from home, sales teams need continual training, support, and encouragement. We offer two tiers of training for FunnelAmplfiied users.  You can learn more here.

The FunnelAmplified platform helps you measure and track social KPIs and amplify your resources, reach, and results.


Another article marketing and sales leaders may find valuable also is this article on data flow and data capture with FunnelAmplified. Our first-party intent data enhances third-party intent data, captures new leads, and adds engagement automatically into your CRM to add more data insights and help you make better and faster decisions.