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“Don’t send 2019 trained sales teams into a 2022 sales environment” is a mantra that many are sharing and causing sales leaders to pause and ask questions.
Brandon Lee

Founder, FunnelAmplified

Tools For The 2022 Sales Environment

FunnelAmplified Digital Prospecting Tools help your sales team accelerate sales cycles, connect and build relationships with more prospects that win more deals.

Sales Activities Added To Digital

The same core sales activities that salespeople have been doing offline, (with diminishing returns) we facilitate and manage for them online with their social connections.


Increase Network, Making More Connections


More Engagement, Conversations, & Relationships


Thought Leadership Through Content - Trusted Advisor

A New Sales Environment

Digital and Social Sales Environment
Social prospecting and Digital Engagement Platform
Digital Engagement Platform For Prospecting and Online Selling

The Easy Button Doesn’t Work

You’re Going to have to transform your people too

Digitally transforming your sales team is going to require transforming processes, tools, AND the human capital within your organization. Since buyer journeys have changed so dramatically, just adding some easy button to try to get results like you used to, isn’t going to work.

FunnelAmplified helps sales teams accelerate sales cycles, connect and build relationships with more prospects and win more deals with our proven, data-driven training and sales enablement technology.


Digital Prospecting Software

Team Scoreboard

Sales reps see their digital sales activity and comparisons to the rest of the team, while leadership can also see KPI and analytic data overall.


Helps salespeople find and connect with target prospects on Linkedin on a consistent, weekly basis to grow connections.


Directs sales reps to engage with specific connections daily through likes, comments, and shares of their connections’ posts to build relationships.

Publish Content

Training and facilitating the ability of salespeople to create and share content helpful for their audience through curation, and bringing context to articles and study data relevant to research in their buyer journey.

Just Two Of Our Unique Content Publish Function

  1. Marketing can push posting prompts to the sales team to help them write a social post in their own words that answers questions that help their prospects, drive engagement and thought leadership in their field.

2. Content curation features that help sales reps add context to articles and research studies that assist prospects with their buyer journey in a way that delivers value and establishes a deeper connection.

Training without the systems and tools to measure the change activity and results is worthless.

Sales & Prospecting At Scale

Add digital prospecting and social selling functions to what you’re already doing, while digitally transforming your sales team, their mindset, and results. It’s what we do!

“During an RFP, engaging contacts in the buying consortium with regular social posts and messages with access to articles on my ContentHub through FunnelAmplified allowed me to interact indirectly and influence the outcome, resulting in a $250k+ win.”

Dave Lewark, Xactly Corp



Don’t send your salespeople into 2022 with 2019 technology, skills, and expectations. Let us show you real digital sales transformation today.

Online Prospecting Tool

Unique ContentHubs Go Deeper

Our ContentHubs and BuyerHubs create relationships, micro-funnels, and tracking specific to a sales rep’s known and unknown prospects!

Connecting Sales Activity to the Modern Buyer’s Journey

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