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It’s More Than Employee Advocacy
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In order to amplify sales, you really have to amplify your content reach and the resources of your entire team. FunnelAmplified goes well beyond social amplification and employee advocacy to do that.

More Than Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy That Measurably Impacts Leads and Revenues

Your team is large and they are socially connected to your clients and ideal customers. Empower them to share your social message and measure its impact to your most valuable data points.

Tap into your invisible funnel by identifying who is engaging with your team members social posts. Gain buyer intent data through social engagement insights and discover your audience’s elevated interest or intent-to-purchase. Integrate with your ABM solution and discover buyer intent sooner and establish your brand as the one buyer’s want to learn from early in their buying journey.

Critical Mass Amplification

(staff+their social connections = potential reach)

For B2B organizations, the followers of their business pages tend to be primarily existing and former employees, current customers, competitors, and industry analysts. Many are NOT often perspective customers.

To reach prospective customers with brand content and messaging it has to be done through the team members who have direct friend connections with them. Your sales team is actively reaching out to prospective customers on social every day, effectively increasing the potential reach your brand has to your target audience.

With FunnelAmplified It’s more than just employee advocacy, it’s earned media.

Amplify Sales

Amplify Social Reach

Amplify Your Content

Amplify Brand Messaging

Amplify Team Resources

Amplify Consistency

Amplify Your Revenue

And So Much More!

Engaging with a Person vs Engaging with a Company

24 X’s More Likely
To Share

8 X’s More

3 X’s More

3 X’s Better

“Our content amplification strategy and social engagement with FunnelAmplified helped us get a meeting with the C-suite of a company that we had been trying for a while without success. The C-suite truly does use social media for research and our consistent content and engagement helped open this door to a large customer that phone and email couldn’t open.”

Michael Cupps


Advantages of Amplify

Doing more by doing it together

Social Posting Consistency

The value is that you are consistently posting on social media, but the excellent part is the data that shows which companies are engaging with shared content.

Coaching Your Team

The post creator can give team members instructions on each post to coach them through best practices and how to make that particular post most effective when they share it.

Push vs Pull

Rather than requiring your team members to log into a tool and hunt for what to post, our technology delivers posts to their phone where they just click, edit and post, then get back to their day.

Higher Adoption Rate

GagleAmp and other employee advocacy tools have about a 6% adoption rate, requiring reps to go login and review and select content to share, etc. With FunnelAmplified it pushes to the reps with created posts and content that they can simply approve, make changes and send out easily. We have an 85% adoption rate.

It begins with social amplification

it expands with employee advocacy

Together they amplify sales, content reach, and results

Data is a huge element of what we do.

With our reverse IP identification technology and first-party intent data, we have the ability to provide data on all of the companies who engage with your sales team’s social posts. The data can be compared with the third-party buyer intent data from products like Sixth Sense to further define the intent data closer to individuals within a specific company who are getting ready to buy.

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Buyer Intent Data - Employee Advocacy to Amplify Sales