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ContentHubs & BuyerHubs Facilitate Relationship Building


The more active anyone is in social networks, the more influence they have in their online communities.

Similar to how ABM provides microsites for companies, we provide microsites for individual sales professionals and leaders. ContentHubs build personal brands and provide lead generation and list building opportunities that leverage brand and curated content.


Prospector PLUS - ContentHubs & BuyerHubs

Social Selling Activities Create Better Results!


Social selling leaders create 45% more opportunities than peers with lower SSI.


Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach their sales quota.


78% of social sellers outsell their peers who don’t use social media well.


Social sellers were 90% more likely to meet and exceed quota. *SAP


Social Sellers had an average deal size that was 300% larger than their non-social selling activity colleagues. 

About ContentHubs & BuyerHubs

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What are ContentHubs?

FunnelAmplified ContentHubs are a one-to-many, personalized micro-site for an individual on your team.


How do ContentHubs work?

ContentHubs function as a personal blog/content site that is public-facing, so anyone can come and read the content shared by the team member. We provide powerful tools to allow you to easily share links to your ContentHub across social, texts, or emails.


Why are Content Hubs important?

Modern buyers do 70% of their research before ever speaking to a sales rep. This is primarily because sales reps only approach buyers with things like “Do you want a demo?” Buyers don’t want demos, they want insights, information, and answers to their problems during their buyer journey. The data shows that buyers purchase from the FIRST person/organization that helps them with their research that solves their problem. ContentHubs help sales reps present data and content that help their prospects do their research in alignment with the modern-day buyer journey.


Is there data & tracking involved?

All of the actionable analytics that we uncover we put in the hands of the individual sales rep, as well as the marketing department globally from all sales reps hubs. We provide very clear actionable analytics telling the reps what to do each day, like who to contact, what to share, and more.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

FunnelAmplified ContentHubs work to bring alignment between sales and marketing teams, delivering solutions with desired outcomes to each of the respective departments.

Here are some examples of how we do that:


  • Marketing can put their content into the system to be amplified and pushed out to various ContentHubs.
  • Marketing is ensured canonical tagging to address SEO best practices.
  • Sales can create, share or curate content on their own that addresses their prospects needs and questions quickly and easily.
  • Sales reps can crowdsource between each other and use each other’s ConentHub posts so that effective content can be shared instead of continually recreated.

AI - Buyer Intent Dashboard & Lead Scoring

Based on article visited, time spent, and total visits. Data used for daily sales rep activities are provided into CRM for marketing to collect and analyze data alongside corporate website data.

 ContentHubs Deliver Actionable Data

Reverse IP data for domain origin of visit - Identify the company of visitors to ContentHubs.

Linkedin and Sales Navigator Hot Buttons – Reveals potential individual from company based on location with a single click.

Click path detail – Determines visitors’ engagement on specific articles.

Buyer Intent AI Summaries – Based on articles visited on ContentHubs, time spent and number of clicks.

And MUCH more!

BuyerHubs take Social Selling deeper

BuyerHubs are a miniature version of ContentHubs specific to a single prospect or a group of decision-makers within a single organization. BuyerHubs are established as needed during the sales process as a One-to-One page with a specific prospect.

 One To One Relationships

BuyerHubs have a unique private URL, making it a private one-to-one page only for the person you’re sharing it with. This allows each BuyerHub to be completely personalized for that buyer and/or organization focused on Account Based Marketing.

BuyerHubs contain tracking links that attribute to a specific prospect engagement, allowing reps to know exactly who is clicking and reading articles and content from a specific BuyerHub. We even provide the sales rep with the engagement click path showing the flow the buyer is taking through the content and posts on the page.

BuyerHubs perform an algorithmic evaluation of intent categories for each article viewed and produces a buyer intent score, then coaches reps on who to engage with urgency.

Template BuyerHub content archives are persona-based content files that are grouped for specific prospect types ahead of time. They enable a one-click setup of a BuyerHub that already contains content, data, and articles specific for that type of buyer. Personas enable speedy personalization and customization of a new BuyerHub that positions the sales rep as a helpful, effective assistant in the process who is adding value, WITHOUT a significant amount of time to set it up a.

BuyerHubs automatically alert sales reps when their prospect is engaging their Hub, opening the door for real-time outreach and conversation when the buyer is active.

ContentHubs And BuyerHubs Deliver Value


FunnelAmplified Content and BuyerHubs are designed to deliver value to your sales team’s prospects, while also deliver value to your entire organization. Hubs deliver value in relationship building, buyer journey research, and much more!

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The value of FunnelAmplified ContentHubs