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Social Expansion

Our software enables you to easily build an employee advocacy program. As you give brand-approved content to your employees for sharing on their social media, their social connections discover and follow your brand. That’s how your social footprint expands.

Content Amplification

Our platform enables you to distribute brand-approved content to your entire organization, groups of employees, or individual team members. You send them great content. They share it on their social platforms. The content gets amplified with just a few clicks.

SEO Maximization

Our lead-hubs allow you to increase the SEO value of your website by improving your domain authority. We do it by leveraging canonical tags to attribute the organic value of cross-posted content to your site. Publish content on your main domain, repost it on personalized Brand-hubs of your team members using canonical tags, and watch your domain authority soar.

Brand Magnification

Our products give you an opportunity to enlarge your brand in a very short period of time. Position your team members as thought leaders by supplying them with great content for sharing online. As they gain visibility among their peers, the awareness of your business increases, your share of voice grows, and your brand is magnified.

Conversion Optimization

Our clients see better conversions from humanizing their brands. Today, 70% more people trust their peers more than they trust brands. By enabling your team members to share brand-approved content with their peers, you convert prospects into customers faster because people like to buy from people in today’s human-to-human business environment.

Lead Generation

Our solution allows you to generate leads from every member of your team. Build Brand-Hubs for key employees. Upload quality content to each Lead-Hub and gate it with forms. Collect leads from each hub automatically integrated with your CRM and marketing automation. This allows you to amplify your entire funnel and give a significant boost to your demand generation.

Pipeline Acceleration

Our customers are able to create higher pipeline velocity as their sales team members gain reputation of subject matter experts by consistently sharing quality content. By decreasing sales cycles, they accelerate stage progression of leads from SQLs to opportunities to wons.

Growth Intensification

Our business was created to help your business grow faster and easier. We’re here to intensify your bottom-line growth by turning your team members into advocates for your brand and industry thought leaders and enabling them to amplify your funnel with quality leads 24/7.
+ %
Social selling leaders create 45% more opportunities than their peers
+ %
Of the social sellers, 78% outsell peers who don’t use social media
+ %
Social selling practitioners are 40% more likely to hit revenue goals


Movement Mortgage

In just one week of using FunnelAmplified, Movement Mortgage onboarded 981 employees and increased reach by 407% for organic views of Facebook Video and Facebook Live.

Lendid Loans

Instant creation of Brand-Hubs for all team members and the ability to post content to each hub automatically translates to a seamless and quick start to becoming subject matter experts.

NC State

With FunnelAmplified, NC State was able to distribute brand-approved content to a specific group of employees, and alumni. These posts amplified our brand immediately with just a few clicks.

Unique Homes

Through the use of Brand-Hubs, Unique Homes has been able to provide consistent and relevant content to empower participants to gain reputations as subject matter experts by consistently sharing quality content.


“FunnelAmplified is exactly what I need. I now have a digital presence with blogs and social posts and I didn’t have to do any of the work.”
Dan Frey
Partner, giant WORLDWIDE
"We are able to create content, brand it for our consultants, and help them consistently stay in front of their digital community with our approved messaging and campaigns."
Steve Cockram
Co-Founder, GiANT Worldwide

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