Social Cadence, Digital Prospecting and Social Sales Platform

Addressing the loss of effectiveness when relying on only cold calling and cold emailing


Activity That Books Meetings

Proven Sales Results With Proven Digital Sales Technology


Growing Connections, Relationships & Sales

The Right Technology To Amplify Digital Prospecting Results

Validate Social Activity With Data

Detailed reporting to your CRM, documenting digital sales activity

Paving The Way To Credible Social Engagement

Helping Your Sales Team Build Relationships & Create Conversations

We Integrate With Your CRM & Existing Tools

Digital selling tools to more effectively get to a phone call

“Sales reps are 90% more likely to meet quota and get 300% larger deal sizes using insightful content sharing and digital relationship-building strategies”

SAP Report

via Sales Enablement Society

Social Cadence, Digital Prospecting and Social Sales Platform

Next-generation digital prospecting with sales cadences that drive real results

Social Cadence Platform

By adding a digital and social sales cadence to your existing sales activities you can expect 200% more first conversations with ideal customers!

Digital Prospecting Solution

Proven digital sales technology that tracks and manages the activities that book meetings with detailed KPI reporting to your CRM to validate activity and results.

Core Sales Activity With Digital Scale

Sales Solutions For Real Challenges

Digital Transformation has altered the buyer’s journey, changing how they research and make buying decisions. We deliver solutions to address these changes. FunnelAmplified doesn’t replace your current software tools. We make your current tools better by providing better performance through digital selling training and technology with automation at scale.


of Sales Reps

Do not meet or exceed their sales quotas.


of Buyers

Buys from the first company who helps them research and discover solutions


of Buyers

Say they are willing to engage with value-adding sellers during early stages

Sales Rep SSI score up 15+ points in a single month!



FunnelAmplified was designed to work with your existing tools to amplify sales and marketing efforts. The system amplifies social selling, content reach, buyer enablement, and it does it with today’s modern buyer journey in mind.

At Scale

FunnelAmplified scales from one to many team members, working with your existing content and CRM systems. We help salespeople build relationships online even faster, and track every KPI that validates activity and results.


We help amplify and distribute content through your sales team to be in front of the buyer during the research phase of their buying process. No other platform can amplify your marketing content to help the buyer’s journey like FunnelAmplified.


The results are in the data. 200% more first conversations with ideal customers. 407% increase in organic views. 290% increase in blog traffic. 141% increase in social reach. Over 2 million YouTube video views in 45 days. And this is just the beginning!

FunnelAmplified is the first
Digital Prospecting & Social Sales Platform

See How It All Comes Together

Don’t send 2019 trained sales teams into a 2022 sales environment. Get the details on how we help your sales team accelerate sales cycles, connect and build relationships with more prospects that win more deals.

Our Unique ContentHubs

Our ContentHubs and BuyerHubs create relationships, micro-funnels, and tracking specific to a sales rep’s known and unknown prospects!

Enterprise sales and marketing organizations need solutions to the biggest challenges that they face and they need those solutions to not only scale but also work with the toolset that they are already using. You also need the amazing content that you are developing to reach your target customer while addressing the modern buyer’s journey.

We amplify what you’re already doing, and work with the tools, CRM and technologies that you’re already using.

Integrated Tools & Technologies

Hubspot sales and CRM integration
Intercom agency solution integration
Salesforce sales and CRM integration
Constant Contact integration
Upcontent integration

and there’s more…

Up to 200% Increase

New Conversations