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A Buyer Enablement Platform for Digital Relationship Building

The “Known, Liked & Trusted” factor applied to social networks creates more conversations, more leads and more of your sales team hitting quotas.

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An evolution in how buyers behave has been felt across the sales world.

They’re looking for answers from trusted experts. The unique FunnelAmplified platform positions your sales team as known, liked and trusted experts your prospects want to talk with for education, guidance and expertise as they navigate online searching for answers

What is FunnelAmplified?

FunnelAmplified is a Buyer Enablement Platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing SalesTech solutions. Sales needs more than just brand content to help them fill their funnels and meet their quotas.

With FunnelAmplified, your sales team can leverage your company’s outstanding original content, add curated content to amplify your thought leadership in your market and do it all with your best asset, your sales team!

How Does It Work?

The concept is quite simple. The company’s approved content- blogs, white papers, even videos- are pushed to each employee BrandHub. BrandHubs are mini-websites built for each member of your team to showcase them as subject matter experts for your company. This will build and strengthen your team’s digital relationships.

Employees can choose to share the content from their BrandHub to their social networks. This not only positions your employees as subject matter experts, but also aids in the conversion of digital selling efforts into lead capture activities. Driving visitors to individual BrandHubs strengthens that employee as a subject matter expert. Their association with your company strengthens your position as a leading company with knowledgeable employees. It is an ideal buyer enablement tool allowing your reps to have the consistent, on-point content they need to sell at their fingertips.

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When you join the FunnelAmplified Affiliate program, you can earn a 20% commission for each referral. You can easily promote FunnelAmplified by simply sharing our signup page with prospective users. The program is free to use and there is no limit to the amount of referrals that you can add!

Sales & Marketing: United at Last

As a marketer or content generator for the company, you build credibility online. Then, you spend hours trying to get sales and other employees to share that content and spread the message. But the age old battle of capturing sales time is still there. What if you could have sales engage their social networks without them lifting a finger? With BrandHubs, you set up each employee’s BrandHub, then as your company populates content, FunnelAmplified pushes this content to each BrandHub. Each Hub has:

Buyer Enablement with FunnelAmplified

Social Sharing

Lead Capture Forms

CRM Marketing Automation Integration

Online Schedule Meeting Links

Chat Features

Today buyers have answers to their questions at their fingertips- Google, YouTube, social media channels- all play a role in influencing these buyer’s decisions. BrandHubs have these journeys built and ready, so sales reps can socially share content from their hubs and guide the buyer through each stage of the funnel with very little effort. Your content manager pushes the content to the BrandHub and the reps gain the online crediblility you both want:

  1. Expert status for your sales rep and team mates
  2. A digital brand showing rich expertise across the entire organization.

How BrandHubs Generate Leads

Marketing creates content, then uses the BrandHubs to spread the message. You simply build unique BrandHubs and populate them with on-brand lead hooks, lead capture with CRM integration, and individualized meeting links and chat features for each sales rep. Each BrandHub can capture leads through forms that are all tied back to your company CRM. One form, embedded on multiple BrandHubs, driving leads to one central CRM. Engage, capture and track.

One content source + multiple BrandHubs = FunnelAmplification.

How FunnelAmplified Can Help You Grow

In a nutshell: we provide the digital outlet to reaching prospects at scale.

At its core, FunnelAmplified is a sales enablement tool providing the platform for your sales organization and company leaders to organize and share the content that is needed to move buyers through their discovery process.

Providing focused, organized content to your organization’s leaders and sales reps with individualized BrandHubs is how the FunnelAmplified platform expands your current reach, and helps you build digital relationships.

Social Expansion
Give brand-approved content to your team for sharing on their social media & expand your social footprint as their connections discover and follow your brand
Content Amplification
Distribute brand-approved content to your entire organization, groups of employees, or specific individuals. Amplify your content on their social platforms
SEO Maximization
Increase your website's SEO value by improving domain authority. Use our canonical tagging for cross-posted content to benefit from social & inbound links
Brand Magnification
Position your members as thought leaders, providing them with great content to share on social media. As they gain visibility, your business increases
Lead Generation
Set up Brand-Hubs for key employees. Upload quality content to each Lead-Hub and gate it with forms. Collect leads from each hub integrated with your CRM and marketing automation

How to Win the War for Sales Talent

There’s a war for good sales talent out there. The digital selling generation is looking for companies with a more sophisticated approach to lead generation. They’re digital natives. They want the tools and tech to help them succeed. With their own BrandHub, they can amplify their message, reach more prospects, convert more leads and ultimately hit their quota.


Onboard New Sales Reps on Day One for Faster ROI

Breakdown barrier to entry for reps with ready-to-go content built into their BrandHub. As you hire new sales reps, it takes time to train and on-board them. With their own BrandHub, they can start gaining credibility and sharing marketing-approved content on day one with their own BrandHub. The faster they position themselves as SME’s in your industry, the faster they generate leads.

Eliminate friction between sales and marketing

No more begging sales to share content or embrace social selling strategies. You push the message and they gain the online credibility that both of you want- for the employee, as a SME and for the company, a digital brand showing rich expertise across the entire organization. 

As you build the content you want it to be readily available to your ideal buyers as they’re making their buying decisions. With BrandHubs, sales reps and employees have pre-populated content leading buyers through each stage of the funnel until they  convert into a lead.

Eliminate friction between sales and marketing

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