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The FunnelAmplified Social Selling Training Academy is comprised of two formal training platforms. The FunnelAmplified System Training to ensure that your sales and marketing teams are trained and using the system effectively AND our ongoing Social Selling series to keep your salesreps skills sharp. 

Included Sales Training

Whether you are an individual sales representative or an executive of a large sales team. you can rest assured that FunnelAmplified is committed to helping you succeed. Our ongoing sales training systems are included with your FunnelAmplified subscription, so we will be working with you from the very beginning to ensure your success.

FunnelAmplified System Training


When you select FunnelAmplified to amply your reach, revenue, and results, you get more than a powerful digital engagement platform. Our focus is to partner with you and your sales team to ensure that everyone understands the system and is using it effectively. 

Ongoing FunnelAmplified Training

Ongoing Sales & Social Selling Training


Social selling training, as well as additional ongoing sales training, are built into FunnelAmplified. Our founders, executives, and team members are sales professionals, so we understand what you and your team need to be successful. We have built a sales training system right into FunnelAmplified to ensure you and your team can improve their skills and keep up with modern buying trends.

Social Selling Training

Ongoing Sales Training

An Example Of One Of Our Sales Training Series

Lesson 1 & 2

Understanding Modern Buyers and how they think, research, and buy.

Social Selling Training - Modern Buyers
LinkedIn Profile Sales Training

Lesson 3

LinkedIn profile makeover to attract the right buyers.

Lesson 4

Become a prospecting powerhouse. 

Better Prospecting - Sales Training
Personal Brand - Sales Training

Lesson 5 & 6

Engaging and building high-quality pipelines through your personal brand.

Lesson 7 & 8

Prospecting and Connecting with cadences.

Social Selling - Prospecting and cadence

Weekly Sales Training

We don’t stop at sales training series or specific social selling lessons, we continually provide the sales training and motivation that your team needs to excel. 

Weekly Sales Training

Stay up to date and motivated with the latest strategies and refresher sales techniques. 

Social Selling - Prospecting and cadence