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When you align sales activities with how buyer’s like to research, the result is a pipeline with highly engaged buyers who are pre-vetted and have a desire to speak with you.

FunnelAmplified System Training


When you select FunnelAmplified to amply your reach, revenue, and results, you get more than a powerful digital engagement platform. Our focus is to partner with you and your sales team to ensure that everyone understands the system and is using it effectively. 

Ongoing FunnelAmplified Training

Optional Sales & Digital Selling Training


Our founders, executives, and team members are sales professionals, so we understand what you and your team need to be successful. Our experts have developed our own digital sales training to offer our FunnelAmplified users the most innovative, proven social digital selling training available. We want to ensure you and your team can improve their skills and keep up with modern buying trends.

Digital Selling Training

All The Talk Of digital transformation

Even with all the talk of business digital transformation due to covid and other changes to business climate and technology, many sales and marketing organizations aren’t changing.

Why aren't brands using social selling?

We help your brand become socially dominant

A social organization sees social as a platform for closing the distance between clients, prospects, remote employees, and potential recruits.

Catherine Coale


Strategic Social Media Transformation



  • Visibility and recognition in the marketplace
  • Achieving trusted advisor status to their clients and prospects
  • Measurable pipeline, revenue and new logos growth
  • Access to the best talent and skills and therefore becoming employer of choice in your chosen markets and topic areas
  • Employee Engagement and Shared Sense of Purpose

We train and equip your team to use their digital presence and their behavior on social media to:


    • Build Influence
    • Make Connections
    • Grow relationships and trust

in order to create conversations and business transactions.

Understanding The Modern Buyer’s Journey

Understanding the data related to how businesses go about their purchase decisions is certainly one thing. Knowing how salespeople can be effective within the modern buyer’s journey is entirely different. That’s where social selling comes in. 

Social Selling within the modern buyer's journey

Our Digital Selling Training Program


We provide a proven Digital Selling Training Program that includes multiple workshops and one on one coaching sessions for your salespeople.

Our Digital Selling Training Results

Telco Company (public)


Objectives for 6-month beta test

– increase visibility and recognition in the marketplace

– grow pipeline and high quality inbound leads

– employee engagement and increase share of voice



– 350,000 new visits to content pages

– 6.500+ social engagements

– $5.5MM increase in pipeline opportunities

– $2.3MM new revenue

– 66% new logos (customers)

– Program to roll out to entire sales team 

Technology Software Company


Objectives for 3-month beta program

– increase visibility and recognition in the marketplace

– grow pipeline and high quality inbound leads

– employee engagement and increase share of voice

– establish sales team & c-suite as trusted advisors/industry influencers



– 2,000,000 new visits to content pages

– over 8,000 social engagements

– $350,000 new revenue

– 2 new client agreements generated through the beta

– Program to roll out to entire sales team

Getting Started 

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Are You An Individual Sales Rep?

We realize that the top salespeople are often those who invest in themselves and step out on their own to innovate well before their organization does. If that’s you, FunnelAmplified has an option for you to also take advantage of our social selling technology and training systems.

Images and videos account for our 55% of all social media posts.

Social Selling Technology


Still curious about how we combine social selling technology with social selling sales training to digitally transform your sales organization? 

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