Why is consistency so important when it comes to content sharing? 

Whether you are a sales enablement leader, content marketer or a sales rep on a team, consistent is key in all areas of your daily activities. Building your online community and your personal brand is exactly the same. 

Hear me out on this one for a second please. 

What is your current opinion on using content and social media to be successful in your business? 

Which answer best describes you when you think of content and social media to grow your revenues and business? 

A) Social and content don’t work and will not impact my success. 

B) It probably works but I don’t have time for it. 

C) The data has convinced me and I know I will make more money using digital and social for my personal brand and company! 

D) huh?  

I clearly have a favorite and trying to capture your attention! 

When you work to build your personal brand and create a strong digital network, consistency is not an option.  If you are an admin or content creator that is using FunnelAmplified to provide content for your team or if you are a team member who is still uncertain about if you want to use your time to post consistently in social media, this video is for you. 

Listen below as I share the value of consistently sharing content in your social newsfeeds and customers.  

Here are 4 reasons why consistent is key and how social media and content sharing WILL grow your influence and sales.  There are a lot more than 4 reasons but this video focuses on 4 specific areas for social media. 

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