Last week one of our sales leaders was asked by a prospective customer for a follow up call to better understand how ContentHubs will help their business, with over 300 accountants, grow. 

I thought his answer was excellent and wanted to share it with you. As social media becomes more and more central to all of our human communications, ContentHubs for individuals in your company will become more relevant to helping them distinguish themselves from their competitors and help your business win more deals. 

5 Reasons why ContentHubs can help Your Company Win More Deals

  1. ContentHubs increase adoption for your employees sharing brand content and industry content. The more they share valuable information, they more they are Known, Liked & Trusted as an expert in your industry.  Your employees will take a personal pride in the ability to drive traffic to their Hub and will post more often and share your company developed content more often. This will increase traffic to your company website and brand. You can even measure this traffic and post a monthly / quarterly social media leader if your team enjoys that competition and recognition.
  2. More web traffic maximizes SEO and domain authority. Earlier this year, we had a customer generate 2.5 million new visits to their website by amplifying their social posts via 980 loan officers.  More clicks means more visitors and more visitors means SEO Maximization!
  3. Boost your re-targeting advertising with more first-time site visitors. All online lead generation starts with turning strangers into website visitors. There is no better way to get new visitors than through a personal invitation from one of their valued and trusted connections. A connection who is also a team member of your business.   Data shows when a person shares a social post, it is much much more impactful than a post published by your company alone. 

Does 8x more website visitors add value to your conversion rates and re-targeting campaign?  Yes it does!  

Person sharing vs your company sharing.

4. BrandHubs give your team member’s more credibility and Known, Liked & Trusted factor. There is a reason that influencers are influential. When anyone consistently shares social posts on a relevant target, over a short period of time, they are known for their activity. If the content is good and relevant to their audience, they add the Liked & Trusted factors.  Known, Liked & Trusted is the key factor to a full pipeline from referrals, new business and renewals. 

5. Lead Generation, Brand Amplification and Growth Intensification!  Simply put, if you could snap your fingers and turn every key person on your team into a known and respected influencer in your industry, you would do it.  It just makes business sense to have more people on your team as known leaders in your field. Why? They generate leads, build your brand and grow your business.

What do you think? Can we put our team working for your team? 

Here are 2 no-hassle, risk-free ways you can learn more. 

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