FunnelAmplified has launched our brand-new “Buyer Intent” tool, an AI driven solution that aims to enable sales and client support teams to deliver personalized content that helps fill pipelines, accelerate pipeline velocity, and retain existing customers. 

Brock Cline, a Business Performance advisor at Insperity, was among the first of our clients to test out the product and was eager to share his experience. 

Brock is no stranger to the hard work that comes with being a salesperson. He has sent countless emails, tried numerous subject lines, and crafted thousands of personalized messages just to be met with silence or worse – the dreaded “Unsubscribe”. 

“I think the worst part was I couldn’t even tell what I had. I wouldn’t know if they opened the message or clicked the attachment. Before integrating the FunnelAmplified system, I got back basically nothing. Now, people are replying that it’s a creative solution. The reception is night and day better, ” Cline said. 

Our Buyer Intent feature equips it’s users with the ability to see such things as if the buyer has clicked on your link, which articles they have clicked on, and how much time they have spent on the page. It helps you to not only gauge their overall interest level, but also to see what content they are engaging with the most.

“I’m starting to see who’s clicking on what, and what resonates with what specific type of buyer. So now I can customize that content for the buyer, rather than just using the same information for everyone. It’s allowing me to build a much more customized offering for each person,” Cline said. 

Before using FunnelAmplified, Brock reported he had to visit and pull data individually from dozens of sites in order to grasp any understanding of how his content was performing across multiple platforms. But now, because of our integrations withFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram,  he can post and track the performance of his posts all from the same site.

When asked how our Buyer Intent tool compared to the other competitor solutions, he replied  “I don’t really know if there are any competitors, so I guess you could say it blows them away.” 

Thanks to Mr. Cline’s testing of our tool, we have created this step-by-step guide on how to set up and use the  Buyer Intent feature within the FunnelAmplified platform. Click here to get started.