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Outreach Cadences for Social Media to Book Meetings

Prospecting and networking with prospects is more than just sharing social posts and sending connection request. LinkedIn experts and trainers say there are 3 key activities;

  1. Share valuable content
  2. Engage with prospects socially
  3. Send connection requests that demonstrate value


3 Easy Steps

in only a few minutes per day!

Publish Social Posts

Publish Social Posts

Data shows social posts you write get more engagement from your prospects. With Magic Writer, simply read an article and answer questions and your social post magically appear.

Engage With Prospects

Engage With Prospects

LinkedIn experts and data agree, that engaging with your prospects is the best and fastest way to earn conversations and booked meetings.

Send Connection Requests

Send Connection Requests

Sending connection requests that get accepted happen at the right time with the right message. 4 years of data show our social engagement cadence increases accepted requests by 40% +.

Step 1

“Personal Insight Posts” published daily with Magic Writer.


Magic Writer provides relevant articles daily.

Simply choose your topics and articles will magically appear every day!

Read an article and answer a few questions. FunnelAmplified’s Magic Writer does the rest.

It has never been easier to turn your professional insights and experience into social posts that capture prospects’ attention to earn more booked meetings.

Step 2

Nurturing prospect relationships digitally doesn’t have to be difficult.


Social engagement is the most important social activity for sales professionals. Now it is easy with a cadence tool that makes it easy and consistent. Plus, it tracks engagements to document and validate activity towards new deals.

Step 3

Connect with prospects at the right time and in the right way.


Let the data lead you. Engaging before sending connection requests results in 40% more accepted connections. When used as part of a social cadence, our clients are increasing their booked calls by up to 200%.

Connection Request Messages - Professionally written

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