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Comment, Post & Connect, using FunnelAmplified have 10x impact upon my conversions.

Dr. Joe Hill

Our content amplification strategy and social engagement with FunnelAmplified helped us get a meeting with the C-suite of a company that we had been trying for a while without success. The C-suite truly does use social media for research and our consistent content and engagement helped open this door to a large customer that phone and email couldn’t open.

Michael Cupps

I owe FunnelAmplified a massive thank you for helping me become a better sales professional. The training vastly increased my exposure to help me book more meetings and create new opportunities. It also helped me increase my personal brand and exposure and I now have opportunities coming through regularly.

John Rodigan

During an RFP, engaging contacts in the buying consortium with regular social posts and messages with access to articles on my ContentHub through FunnelAmplified allowed me to interact indirectly and influence the outcome, resulting in a $250k+ win.

Dave Lewark

FunnelAmplified worked with us to help scale our team’s social media offerings and provide training for our team focused on the importance of being “social” to create more first conversations. If you are looking to create more conversations that lead to sales, FunnelAmplified is your solution.

Sydney Stempfley

We compared amplifying social messages with FunnelAmplified to our paid advertising. Hands down, amplification with FA generated more traffic, better traffic and cost less.

CMO, Publicly Traded Company

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