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Consistently sharing your professional insights does not have to be difficult. Plus,

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How Magic Writer Works - FunnelAmplified

How Magic Writer Works


Read any article, from any website and let Magic Writer lead you through converting your professional insights into a well-written, engaging social post.


Not sure where to get great articles from your industry? No problem. Let Magic Writer bring articles right into your FunnelAmplified account every day. Simply, choose keywords or some of the highest-rated websites from your industry and they will magically appear for you.

Easily find content to curate on social media
Select from a list of articles provided in seconds

With Magic Writer, login and do 3 simple steps.

  1. Select an article and read it.
  2. Answer a few questions by writing your answers.
  3. Viola!

Magic Writer creates a well-written professional insights post that is ready to publish.

Or, to schedule for a future date.

Share well-written, engaging social posts in less than 10- minutes per day and become a known trusted advisor and subject-matter voice in just a few weeks.

Become a Known Subject-Matter Voice

Share well-written, engaging social posts in less than 10- minutes per day. When your prospects review your LinkedIn (or other social media network) profile, they will see your shares, know your professional insights and see you differently than they see your competitors.

Don’t just ask prospects for their time so you can provide a demo. Earn the right to talk with them by consistently sharing valuable insights that help them.

Step by steap - How to make a great social post

Simply answer questions about the articles you read and VIOLA!


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