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Connecting Sales Activity to the Modern Buyer’s Journey









“During an RFP, engaging contacts in the buying consortium with regular social posts and messages with access to articles on my ContentHub through FunnelAmplified allowed me to interact indirectly and influence the outcome, resulting in a $250k+ win.”

Dave Lewark

Xactly Corp

Sales Activity Meets Buyers Journey

FunnelAmplified works with your existing sales tools to help sellers match the modern buyer’s journey and close more deals.


Simply put…

The Problem

FunnelAmplified Solution

Missed Sales Quotas

Use your existing brand content to build connection, relationship and align with the modern buyer journey.

Lack of Actionable Data

Easily collect first-party intent data from ContentHub visitors, integrate with marketing website data, and equip sellers to personalize their sales activities to meet buyer’s needs.

Social Selling Challenges

Social Selling doesn’t work. We hear this a lot. With FunnelAmplified, sellers have brand content at their fingertips to share with buyers and their entire social network easily and consistently.

Content Curation Challenges

Content curation is sharing valuable content from other sources and providing context OR editorializing it in a summary when you share it. It helps buyers research and identifies curators as experts. FunnelAmplified makes your salespeople the experts your buyers look to in their journey.

Buyer Journey Challenges

The modern buyer’s journey requires salespeople to be part of their research and solution discovery to win more deals. 74% of buyers report they purchase from the first seller that provides valuable insights to their research. FunnelAmplified ensures that your salespeople connect early, are the source for the research the customer needs, and helps build the relationship on that foundation.

Wasted Brand Content

The marketing team is developing valuable content that your target customer needs. But the restriction of reach and sharing consistency is bottlenecked. FunnelAmplified brings brand marketing content into the existing sales process. It also ensures messages are getting out and reaching prospective customers.

See How It All Comes Together

Don’t send 2019 trained sales teams into a 2022 sales environment. Get the details on how we help your sales team accelerate sales cycles, connect and build relationships with more prospects that win more deals.

Learn About Our Social Selling & Sales Training

Included with your FunnelAmpifiled system are ongoing Training and Optional Social Selling Training for your entire team!

FunnelAmplified – Amplification Platform

Our integrated application delivers proven functionality that addresses each of the following areas.

Social Selling

Content Reach

Buyer Enablement

Content Amplification

Brand Ambassadors

Subject Experts

Employee Advocacy

Digital Transformation

Sales Automation

Prospect Intelligence

Our Unique ContentHubs

Our ContentHubs and BuyerHubs create relationships, micro-funnels, and tracking specific to a sales rep’s known and unknown prospects!

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