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“We compared amplifying social messages with FunnelAmplified to our paid advertising. Hands down, amplification with FA generated more traffic, better traffic and cost less”

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CMO, Publicly Traded Company

Justifying Marketing ROI

When you’re creating amazing content yet you’re struggling to get the reach you need to make it most effective, you have a big challenge. More than employee advocacy, FunnelAmplified helps marketing teams expand content reach and distribution. We amplify your content through existing channels to bridge marketing and sales department goals to drive revenue.

The Problem

FunnelAmplified Solution

Wasted Brand Content

It usually takes more ad budget to get more reach for your carefully crafted content. With FunnelAmplified, clients experience an average of 80% of their team consistently publishing brand content to their personal social accounts.

Lack of Actionable Data

Sales activity doesn’t normally provide deep customer insights. With FunnelAmplified, identify the company and even the individual within that company who is consuming and engaging with your marketing content. It then allows your sales team to customize their sales communications to meet buyer’s interests.

Buyer Journey Challenges

The modern buyer’s journey requires salespeople to be part of their customer’s research and solution discovery early on in the process. FunnelAmplified ensures that marketing content gets utilized to the right buyer, at the right time and in the right channel.

Social Media Challenges

Overcome the algorithms for your brand pages, increase reach and reduce your ad spend. FunnelAmplified amplifies your social media reach through your sales teams. Our clients experience more than 80% of their team consistently sharing brand messages every month.

Content Curation Challenges

FunnelAmplified helps marketing create curated content plus your original messages for sales teams to use in their daily sales conversations to amplify reach and value.

See How It All Comes Together

Don’t send 2019 trained sales teams into a 2022 sales environment. Get the details on how we help your sales team accelerate sales cycles, connect and build relationships with more prospects that win more deals.

290% increase in overall blog traffic, with 470 clicks for each additional FunnelAmplified user, in 45 days.

Results Matter

FunnelAmplified – Amplification Platform

Our integrated application delivers proven functionality that amplifies your marketing effort.

Social Selling

Content Reach

Buyer Enablement

Content Amplification

Brand Ambassadors

Subject Experts

Employee Advocacy

Digital Transformation

Sales Automation

Prospect Intelligence

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Our Unique ContentHubs

Our ContentHubs and BuyerHubs create relationships, micro-funnels, and tracking specific to a sales rep’s known and unknown prospects!

Learn About Our Social Selling & Sales Training

Included with your FunnelAmpifiled system is ongoing Sales Training and Social Selling Training for your entire team!

There’s Nothing More Effective…

There is nothing more effective than when talented sales and marketing teams work together well. FunnelAmplified brings everything together within a unified platform to amplify your resources, reach and revenue.

What’s In It For Sales?

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