If you have not heard about Buyer Enablement, you are missing out on a strategy and system that is essential for your B2B and professional services sales team. Buyers don’t want to be sold. They want high quality, value providing relationships.

Are your leaders and sales team focused on relationships or closing deals? As much as we all want to be focused on filling pipeline and closing deals the phrase, “Go slow to move fast” should drive your sales efforts. Mostly because it’s not about sales. It is about relationships!

Start with Relationships and Personal Brand to Get into Buyer’s Circle of Trust.

Here is a short video that demonstrates how we use our platform to grow our business through personal relationship building at scale.

The Internet has changed the power in buyer / seller relationships. Buyers control their journey. They ignore unwanted calls and messages. Does cold calling and cold LinkedIn Connections work for your business?

When buyers want information, they seek those they trust. How do they know who to trust? Their networks and who they can access on social media and the Internet. They trust the people that are top-of-mind AND who they Know, Like and Trust. Or, maybe you can look at it as Liked, Trusted and Remembered.

Buyer Enablement Chart

What does this mean?

  • Buyers have changed the way they buy. Sellers have not.
  • Buyers control their journey. Sellers still think they control the sale. 
  • Sales organizations have not discovered how to sell based on how buyers buy. 
  • Only 53% of sales reps meet or exceed quota (CSO Insights 2018).

Buyers have changed. Sales needs to change their tactics. Personal Brands and how each person is Known influences who wants to talk with them and who will ignore them. To help your sales team and leadership get more calls returned, faster you have to help them consistently share valuable content that your buyers will want to consume.

Want to learn how we help our customers crush their individual funnel building and hit their sales quotas? Let us show you.