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for a weekly strategic and inspired discussion with industry leaders in Sales, Marketing and of course, Social Selling! Hear the thought leaders in the industry as we discuss practical and actionable steps to help you Social Your Sales!

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Social Your Sales Live

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Join Brandon Lee as he speaks to Social Selling colleagues about the pace of change in B2B and Professional Services Sales. ...

Social Your Sales | Introducing Funnel Amplified

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Join Brandon Lee and Erik Holdo in discussing the push/pull between Sales and Marketing in the Social Selling world. Why do CMOs need to be paying attention? How can Sales Leaders get ahead of the curve? ...

Social Your Sales | Building Relationships with Michael Phelan

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In this Social Your Sales with Brandon Lee and Erik Holdo, we speak with Michael Phelan, the founder of Go-To-Market Pros in Boston, about using Social Selling to build relationships. ...

Social Your Sales | Social Selling with Tim Hughes

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Join Brandon Lee and Erik Holdo to discuss Social Selling with the man who literally wrote the book on it - Tim Hughes from DLA Ignite! ...

Social Your Sales | Embracing Social with Lenwood Ross

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CEO of Accelery shares his views on Social Selling and the transformation happening in the C-Suite that is leaving many behind. ...