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Connecting Sales and Marketing Teams

Social Ambassadors

Easily provide the content you work so hard to create to your employees to amplify your brand.

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Social + Brand Hubs

Empower your sales team with branded content to increase social selling efforts while maintaining brand integrity and cohesion between marketing and sales teams.

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+ 407 %
Increase in organic views of Facebook video and facebook live
+ 141 %
Increase in Facebook Reach
+ 290 %
Increase in overall blog traffic

Create A Social Post

Create social posts for employees company wide, by group, or by individual employee with unique CTA’s, links, and hashtags.

Mobile App for Social Amplification

Employees receive social posts via notifications in the mobileapp and can easily accept, dismiss or save posts. 
*Notifications available via webapp

Post to Social Media

Each employee can post to social media channels and engage their network connections to build brand awareness, increase digital selling efforts, and maintain brand integrity.

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