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In this episode of The FunnelAmplified Podcast, our CEO Brandon Lee shares who we are and how we help you. We discuss content and its value for sales enablement and lead generation. Content helps build relationships. Relationships help win deals. New deals fuel revenue growth. It all starts with awesome content. Personalized content that’s tailored to your prospects speaks to their pain and entices them to take action. Content is a critical piece of sales enablement. Also, content fuels your funnel. It helps attract, convert, and close leads and to leverage upsell and cross-sell opportunities. By representing your business through your people, you get more leads and close more deals.

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In this episode of The FunnelAmplified Podcast, our CEO Brandon Lee defines funnel amplification and explains how it benefits your B2B company. This demandgen podcast episode will help a busy marketing leader who works in a pretty challenging digital world where new technology is invented every few minutes and we’re asked to do more with less to meet higher revenue goals. Every day, you face complexity, change, and competition. You need to think outside the box to just maintain your current level of leads. In this episode of our lead-generation B2B podcast, let’s review sophisticated solutions to complex marketing challenges and identify simple steps to take in order to increase demand. 

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Brandon Lee about Funnel Amplification - Episode 2 Art for Website

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