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If you want to learn social selling you should learn from the best. Timothy Hughes literally wrote the book on it. Combine that with our experienced sales and marketing executive team and you will be learning from the experts! PLUS we include the technology that was designed and built specifically for social selling online.

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Social Selling IS NOT About Likes and Reshares!

The fact is that If you think that you’ve tried social selling, you really haven’t. Social Selling is intentionally utilizing your social accounts in specific ways to create real conversations, provide value that builds relationships, and actually closing deals.

This is what the proven FunnelAmpified Social Selling Training and Technology Platform can do for you!


Do you know the facts about selling today?


of Sales Reps

Do not meet or exceed their sales quotas.


Of Social Sellers

Outsell their peers who don’t use social media well.


of Buyers

Say they are willing to engage with value-adding sellers during early stages.


of Buyers

Buy from the first company who helps them research and discover solutions.


Of Social Sellers

Had an average deal size 300% larger than their non-social selling activity colleagues.


The Technology

Training With The Technology To Execute

Combining proven social media training with the FunnelAmplified digital engagement platform allows you to execute what you learn at scale. You’ll be able to amplify your efforts to ensure that you get real results.

The FunnelAmplified technology helps you get the most out of the content you have available to you, while helping you to share the content that helps your buyers journey BEFORE they’re open to a demo. You’ll have actionable data to know what to share and when and a ContentHub to track who is viewing what content and how often.

Learn How Social Selling Technology Works!


“We’ve been struggling in our B2B sales process for the last 18 months. Building relationships with existing and new prospects is nearly impossible. We though we understood this “Social Selling” thing until we took the FASST training with Brandon Lee. Totally shocked at what we didn’t know, and how fast we are now getting results with more deals in the pipeline and even shorter sales cycles!”


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