Many of us are aware of the social automation applications available that promise “set it and forget it” automation for your company and sales team’s social media feeds. We have also heard about the many social scheduling tools that marketing department team’s use to socially blast their team’s social media accounts to create a megaphone atmosphere across their profiles. These lend towards consistently preaching the company’s content and messaging and nothing more than brand, brand, brand!

Do you know the software applications that I am referring to here?

These tools and software applications are designed to blast out content. Nothing about what they offer to customers helps make the customer and their team members more social. They certainly aren’t following a social selling focus that involves providing value, conversation, or building relationships.

In fact, if we had a dime for every time a CMO, Revenue or Sales Executive sees or hears about FunnelAmplified and assumes that we are some kind of automation tool, or a system that blasts messages out for teams, we could buy a few cups of coffee at least. But we thought it would be a great idea to detail WHAT WE ARE NOT, to provide clarity.

What FunnelAmplified Is NOT

We are NOT a set and forget social blasting software.

We are NOT “like Hootsuite”

We are NOT a social automation tool that removes the need for engagement or relationship building.

We are NOT the opposite of social selling best practices.

We are NOT a tool that removes control for sales or marketing teams.

We are NOT a marketing department-only tool that forces brand content.

To be very clear, we have turned down very large deals with brands who were looking for software that does and is what we are not. You heard that correctly. We have had potential customers of our social selling software that wanted exactly what we are not, and rather than working with them to utilize our technology the way they were describing, we walked away from the deal.


A Social Selling Tool, Not A Social Automation Tool

Now, it is somewhat understandable that people come across FunnelAmplified and think that it might be like a typical social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, Sprout or Tweet Deck. There are elements of our powerful user-friendly interface and functions of what we offer that look similar at first glance.  However, we are not a social media scheduling tool to be used just by your marketing or social media team.

So now that we have done a good job of defining who and what we are NOT, let’s spend a little bit of time outlining what we are and how our technology is used to amplify your reach, resources, and results with actual sales.

Our technology is about social, it’s about building relationships, and providing value. FunnelAmplified is about helping prospects in their buyer journey and doing it socially. We’re also about sales and social selling training that elevates the skills and abilities of our customer’s sales teams.

We’re about aligning sales with marketing and making the most of the content that marketing produces.

We Are A Sales Tool That Engages Marketing 

We are a sales tool that enables your sales team to engage with their prospects by amplifying your company’s marketing content. Our sales tool also facilitiates sharing of non-brand content that your prospective customers need We have a well-designed user-friendly interface that enables your sales team to share marketing, promotions, and value-added content through their social channels to help prospects with the information that they’re looking for. The technology helps salespeople share in a customizable and time-efficient way but that is just the beginning.

FunnelAmplified Gives Your Sales Reps Information To Close More Sales

The more knowledge you have about your prospect, the better you’ll be able to close sales. FunnelAmplified gives your sales team that increased, actionable knowledge. Our software allows you to key in on what interests your prospects the most. It lets you know what they are looking at, when they are looking at it, for how long they are looking at it, and much more.

Not only is FunnelAmplified designed to help your sales team close more sales, but it will also help to increase your prospect pool and move them effortlessly through your sales pipeline. Your sales representatives will reach more people, they’ll more easily be able to stay in front of their prospect’s online viewing eyes, and they’ll have far more information about the prospect to help close more sales. Your sales team will know when it is time to pitch and have more knowledge to close the deal.

If FunnelAmplified Is A Sales Tool, What Does It Mean For The Marketing Team?

 An age-old problem in business is, how can we get the sales and marketing team to work better together? FunnelAmplified makes that happen.

FunnelAmplified uses your existing tools and marketing content to improve sales performance. Our software works using the social media networks, websites, tools, marketing content, and materials that your marketing team is already using. It takes all the work and effort your marketing team is putting in and streamlines it into a system that your sales team can use to amplify your marketing efforts.

The bottom line is that FunnelAmplified will amplify your resources, reach, and results!