Modern sales training that doesn’t also include the social selling component will not deliver the value and results that B2B brands need in today’s online environment. In fact, social selling is the key to sales teams’ success today and the research proves that out. But what if you combined the most effective social selling training in the world with the most effective digital engagement platform for teams? Well, that would be epic! So that’s exactly what we did…

Introducing the partnership between FunnelAmplified and DLA Ignite!

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Combining The Technology And Training Of Social Selling

It can be frustrating when some sales industry leaders and influencers misunderstand your technology and how it works with the modern-day buyer’s journey, that is for sure. However, that is overshadowed when the founders of the most innovative social selling training company in the world take a look at what you’re doing and immediately get it. The DLA Ignite team saw how the FunnelAmplified digital engagement platform complemented their social selling ideology but also facilitated its implementation and amplified its effectiveness, and that sparked a partnership discussion that culminates today.

The DLA Ignite partnership provides FunnelAmplified users with access to innovative sales training that has proven to transform sales organization results around the world. DLA Ignite’s social selling training solutions have revolutionized how B2B selling is done, and the results that they have achieved through their detailed instruction continue to impact sales teams of businesses both large and small.

Social Selling Expert - Timothy Hughes DLA IgniteAbout DLA Ignite

Meet Timothy Hughes and Adam Gray of DLA Ignite. Timothy and Adam are two of the most well-known and experienced social selling thought leaders, influencers, and evangelists within the industry. Their company, DLA Ignite is responsible for training some of the largest brand sales teams around the world, achieving new heights in what sales reps can accomplish when properly incorporating social media.

About The Partnership

DLA Ignite has developed innovative training solutions that prepare sales teams for the modern buyer’s journey. This training is now provided through FunnelAmplified and can be acquired as part of the user service offerings for individual sales reps or entire corporate brand sales teams.

Since relevant, interesting, and entertaining content coupled with conversations are at the heart of building relationships online, the partnership between FunnelAmplified and DLA Ignite could not be more appropriate. DLA Ignite will be adding their social sales training into the FunnelAmplified platform offering, teaching sales reps how to use social media to foster conversations and relationships with the right connections in order to improve sales results.

You can learn more about the FunnelAmplified / DLA Ignite partnership by reading the entire press release here. To learn more about DLA Ignite, visit their website and blog at

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