Why are Brand-Hubs the ultimate content amplification tool for sales and marketing? Because people prefer to build relationships with people rather than with companies.

Despite advances in technology, modern business is still done between people. People prefer to know the individual with whom they are doing business.

Data from CSO Insights shows that buyers prefer to do nearly 80% of their buying decision prior to engaging a vendor representative.

However, 90% of buyers indicate they would like to engage earlier in their buying journey with subject-matter experts.

Buyers want to talk and learn from people who can help the them gain new insights, discover new innovations and lead them into making a better decision for both them and their company.

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How do you help your sales team and key leaders gain early adoption with important customers?  

Establish your team as known subject-matter experts with key insights, innovation and can help buyers make better decisions.

A Brand-Hub is a website, filled with company content that is personalized for leaders and sales team members. It helps them have a personal brand within the company brand. Brand-Hubs are a web-based content site that allows marketing to enhance the sales rep or key leaders professional brand to help both the company and individuals develop more relationships and more top-of-funnel engagement.

The marketing team controls the messaging and keeps it on brand, while providing updated content like blog articles, ebooks, white papers and even videos.  

Here is one of our team videos that explains the value of our Hub solutions.

With Brand-Hubs marketing team can provide both gated and un-gated content to give visitors valuable insights and information so they can learn about your business and your key value propositions.

With gated content, you can integrate your CRM and Marketing Automation tools directly into gated forms on each of your team members Brand-Hubs.

This offers a Closed-Loop integration with your company CRM or marketing automation tools for inbound marketing or ABM strategies, effectively turning Brand-Hubs into “Lead-Hubs.”

Ultimately, this gives marketing eyesight and data in lead generation while utilizing key leaders and sales teams digital relationships. It also allows massive social amplification of brand messages while helping each individual team member with their professional brand, lead generation and relationship building activities.

Why is this important? 

A personal brand humanizes engagement which is a welcomed experience for any potential customer.

It helps buyers develop trust, because they learn about company messages and the sales personnel at the same time.

It helps your team members be known and remembered as subject matter experts while amplifying brand messages consistently through social and digital networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Most importantly for your company, personal Brand-Hubs mean your team members are much more interested in sharing company content. When company content ALSO helps them with their professional brand, they WANT to share it. 

Why do they want to share content more often?

Because it benefits them and their personal business pursuits such as commissions, referrals and network expansion.

Want to learn more?

I would be glad to share with you. Plus, if you are reading this message, you have already experienced the power of my personal brand hub!  See! They work!

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