Affiliate Program

Easy to Learn. Easy to Earn.

With FunnelAmplified's Affiliate Program, you can help spread the word about our content amplification platform easily, and not break a sweat.

Share a link. Get 30% commission monthly. Is it really that easy?

It is.

What is FunnelAmplified?

Simply saying FunnelAmplified is a "sales enablement tool" only gives you part of the picture. By leveraging our platform, we bring your sales and marketing teams together seamlessly, getting your message in front of more people than you realized was possible.

"With FunnelAmplified, we can leverage the collective voice of our organization and that is super important to us."

– Anna Pryor, Director of Marketing at Alameda Mortgage


As an affiliate,

You would become an ambassador for FunnelAmplified, and the process couldn't be simpler:

  • You will get a custom link to share.
  • Whenever someone uses this link to sign up for FunnelAmplified, you get a 30% commission.
  • That's it!

Get Started

So, does it work?

Of course! We recently conducted a case study with on of our clients in the mortgage industry about their success with FunnelAmplified. Some notable stats include:

  • 2X-3X higher reach, engagements, and clicks, saving the company $74,184 in annual paid marketing
  • A 407% increase in organic views of Facebook video and traffic
  • An extra 10,000 organic views for every blog post
  • An additional 470 clicks for each post that was published with FunnelAmplified

Start Earning Today

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