The Story of FunnelAmplified

As told by the humans behind it

At FunnelAmplified, we believe there is a better way to build trusted voices and showcase your company’s fantastic content. We built the tool to give a powerful voice to your content from the most valuable assets…your employees. But who are “we” and what drove us to build this platform?

Who are the #FunnelAmplifiers?

Meet the #FunnelAmplifiers on their YouTube channel, where you’ll find episodes of #BehindTheTech, #DreamChat and our CEO’s in-depth and forward-thinking videos on the #AskBrandonLee playlist.

The Story Behind FunnelAmplifed

The story of FunnelAmplified is the story of it's founder, Brandon Lee:

My dad was an entrepreneur. I experienced the negative aspects of being raised by a stressed-out business owner.

I used to believe that if I could help make my dad’s daily efforts easier for him as he was growing his business, he would be less stressed and our family would have more peace and joy.

That experience was what started me on my entepreneurial pursuit.

My goal is to help business leaders in general and sales and marketing professionals specifically to achieve their goals in such a way that reduces stress, increases bottom line and allows for a more peaceful and joyful family life.

And that’s why FunnelAmplified was born.

FunnelAmplified takes the stress of content creation and lead generation off of the sales people’s shoulders and allows them to focus on selling. It takes the stress of brand expansion and social amplification off of the marketer’s shoulders and allows them to focus on creating quality campaigns that generate demand and profitability.


The Humans of FunnelAmplified

Brandon Lee

Founder and CEO

Brandon Lee is a seasoned entrepreneur and published author. He is passionate about his faith and family. Brandon and his wife Meghan have five children ranging from five to 19 years old. He enjoys helping people discover their identity and empowering them to live fulfilling lives. Brandon founded FunnelAmplified to help business leaders be less stressed and more productive. He says “Pursuing energy-gaining activities allows people to build better companies and have more peaceful lives”. His desire is to let sales people focus on selling and give marketers powerful technology to market. Brandon’s favorite quote is “You’ll Never Live Your Best Future if You’re Constantly Looking Backwards.”

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Daniel Willems

Director of Technology

Daniel Willems is a native of Germany. He was born in a village called Buxtehude, outside Hamburg. The small startup where his dad worked moved the family to Atlanta when Daniel was one year old. Yep, he’s always been around startups! Daniel is now a dad himself and has two boys: Sebastian and Linus. His hobbies are brewing beer and crossfit (yes, seriously). He is also passionate about his faith. Daniel is a graduate of Gwinnett Tech where he studied Computer Science and Business Management. He’s helped build our products from the ground up. His favorite quote is “Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, It’s Where the Magic Happens” because anything worthwhile in life is not easy or comfortable.

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Brian Anderson

Brand-Hubs Developer

Brian Anderson is a life-long Atlantan. He attended Chattahoochee Technical College and earned an associate’s degree in Web Development. Brian enjoys writing music and playing slide guitar. He is also passionate about building WordPress websites. This website you’re navigating right now was built by Brian. He also specializes in building Brand-Hubs for our clients. Brian loves working at FunnelAmplified with some of the best developers in the world. His favorite quote is “The Report of My Death Was an Exaggeration” by Mark Twain because Brian believes that re-invention in America will never go out of style.

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Matty Fagioli

Lead Developer

Matty Fagioli was born and raised right here in Georgia. After high school, he attended a full-stack web development bootcamp called “Devbootcamp” where he earned his super-powers in coding which he now uses to serve our clients. He’s a dad to a pitbull Floki who was named after a viking! Matty loves programming and building software. He is also a movie lover, an animal lover, an avid gamer, and an aspired golfer. His favorite quote is “If You Want to Build a Ship, Don’t Drum Up the Men to Gather Wood, Divide the Work and Give Orders; Instead, Teach Them to Yearn for the Vast and Endless Sea” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery because it reflects effective leadership in the world of SaaS startups.

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